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Weight Watchers



The Weigh-In Club is a free, nurse-run service to help you manage and maintain your pet's safe weight loss, for a healthier and happier life.


Before commencing with any weight loss programme, your pet will need to see the Vet for a health-check and then, so long as all is well, a nurse will assess your pet's weight. At this stage you will learn what the ideal weight for your pet is, and how this can be achieved. In all cases it will be a combination of diet, exercise and time. You will be given a Weight Record Chart where the progress of your pet's weight loss will be noted at every Weigh-in (usually about once a fortnight) and an advice pack which includes a calorie counter to remind you just how easily those little snacks and treats can pile on the calories!

It is very important that any purposeful weight loss is achieved with a diet that provides the correct balance of nutrients (protein, fat, minerals and vitamins). If you were to reduce the amount of your pet's usual food for each meal, this would also reduce the amount of nutrients your pet receives, which could result in deficiencies and health problems. You can avoid these problems by feeding a diet especially designed for weight loss. The nurse you see will probably recommend a prescription diet from the Purina Diet Range. These diets have been developed to provide all the nutrients required for health but with a reduced calorie content.

As your pets weight changes, so will the recommendations your nurse makes, regarding feeding and exercise. You make a note on your chart of any changes you have made to your pet's recommended diet and activity, such as if you have given extra treats in the week or fewer/extra walks than normal. And be honest!

Changing feeding habits is not always easy and you must expect it to take time and not happen overnight! But with the support and advice of the staff at Highcliff Veterinary Practice it can be achieved.

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