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Is it fair to let a female dog have just one litter of puppies?

We do not recommend breeding bitches unless you definitely want a litter of pups. Pregnancy is a major physiological and anatomical upheaval and is not without risk.

Is neutering expensive?

As vets, we prefer to see as few unwanted litters as possible and so try to minimize the cost of the operation. If money is short then you may get help from one of the animal charities such as RSPCA or The Cats Protection League. However, it is wise to balance up the costs of neutering against the greater expense of having unwanted offspring, extra food for the mother to support herself and her litter and the veterinary attention the mother and babies may require either at birth or afterwards or possible veterinary attention needed later in life due to health problems associated with entire animals, especially females.

Will neutering make my dog fat and lazy?

Neutering will not have any significant effect on your pets lifestyle apart from eliminating its sexual behaviour. Most behavioural changes are for the better as many neutered animals are more affectionate. All neutered aniamls require less food than entire ones - a spayed bitch may require 20% less calories than an entire one and your pet will only become overweight if you overfeed it!! So although it may look like a small daily ration compared to normal, it is sufficient for her energy needs.

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