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Radiography (producing X-rays) facilities are available at both Hadleigh and Brantham branches.


How do X-rays work?

X-rays are like light except they can travel through the body. For an X-ray, your pet will lie under the X-ray machine which sends a beam of X-rays through the body onto a photographic plate below. We use an automatic film developer to process the resulting radiographs quickly and efficiently.

What does taking an X-ray of my pet involve?catxray

Normally, the animal will be given a general anaesthetic to ensure that it lies still whilst the exposure is made, or the final X-ray picture will be blurred. X-rays, when used to produce pictures of your pet, will not cause it side effects. However, exposure to high doses of X-rays, or over long periods of time can be dangerous and therefore the nurses and vets cannot hold all the patients as they take X-rays almost every day. This is why we anaesthetise or sedate them.

When will I know the results?

Results of the tests will be available the same day. However, in some more complicated cases, referral of the radiographs to a specialist for a second opinion may be sought before giving the owner a final diagnosis.

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