In an emergency, please ring Hadleigh 01473 822704 or Brantham 01206 391511


As a vital frontline service, our veterinary practice remains OPEN during Covid-19 with some changes to how you access our services. We are here for essential and emergency care and are still providing medications, food and parasite treatments.

To reduce face-to-face contact we are running video or phone consultations.

If we believe your pet is at risk, we may be able to vaccinate puppies, kittens, baby rabbits and administer annual boosters. Appointments for these will be subject to safe and suitable timeslots and due to high demand these may be booked a few weeks in advance - your patience is appreciated.

Social distancing procedures are in place to protect everyone.

Over the next week we are going through the process of contacting and risk assessing those who have had their pet's booster vaccination delayed due to Covid-19. 

If you are one of those whose pet's booster vaccination has been delayed due to Covid-19, please wait until Monday 4th May before contacting us.



In response to the latest government guidelines we are now only open for patients that need essential care to avoid unnecessary suffering or maintain animal welfare. In order to help you understand the best way to look after your pet please review the list below to see what conditions constitute an emergency needing immediate care:

If any of the below are occurring contact us IMMEDIATELY so we can direct you to your nearest open practice.

  • Breathing difficulties 
  • Open wound injuries
  • Trauma (e.g. car accidents)
  • Male cats struggling in the litter tray to pass urine
  • Rabbits neglecting food
  • Swallowing hazards clothes etc
  • Ingestion of poison/harmful substances
  • Eye problems
  • Vomiting or diarrhoea especially if your pet appears quiet or depressed or if it is going on for a long time (more than 24 hours)
  • Swollen abdomen or retching (especially large dogs)
  • Loss of thirst & appetite
  • Struggling to give birth
  • Seizuring/fitting
  • Collapse


Although vaccinations are considered routine healthcare, it must be considered that by not vaccinating, we may be risking compromised welfare in the future and further disease outbreaks that may be difficult to manage.  

Some vaccinations are deemed "priority vaccinations".  These inlude:-

*   Puppy first, second and third ( where applicable ) vaccinations.

*   First annual boosters

However since the Government's announcement on 23rd March 2020, we will not be doing these vaccinations but instead recommending to owners that their puppies are kept inside and not exposed to other dogs.  A vaccinatiion course should be booked for as soon as possible after normal services resume.  Should the Government lock down continue beyond the initial three weeks period outlined on 23rd March 2020, we will review this advice on the basis of the animal welfare risk of having a large population of unvaccinated animals, balanced against social distancing guidance.  Vets will need to use their own clinical judgement where they need to vaccinate to protect animal welfare, for example in the event of a Parvovirus outbreak.

Adult boosters will not be given during the period 23rd March to 13th April 2020.  Guidance will be reviewed at this point, on a risk analysis basis:

*   Note, a booster may be given up to 3 months after the due date without requiring a re-start.

*   Adult boosters will be delayed for as long as is reasonably possible.

*   Your vet will consider the local risk in the area where the Practice is based.



We are all having to adapt to rapidly changing circumstances to help control the spread of coronavirus.

Our first priority is towards human health and secondly to conserve vital supplies for use within the medical world as well as veterinary practices e.g. oxygen and personal protective equipment (PPE). Naturally we still very much focus on the health of your pet at all times.

Our approach to slow down the spread of the virus is being reviewed daily so the following steps may well be amended in the near future.

From this morning and for the foreseeable future, we at Highcliff have introduced the following additional measures to protect our staff and clients. 

  • • Suspension of neuterings
  • • Suspension of dentals where welfare allows and the patient is not compromised
  • • Deferral of booster vaccinations for at least 3 months
  • • Suspension of nurse clinics
  • • Suspension of nail clips
  • • Suspension of puppy parties
  • • Suspension of weight clinics
  • • Suspension of laser treatments
  • • Suspension of 6 months health checks
  • • Doors will be locked to ensure complete control of each consultation
  • • We will ask you over the telephone if the visit is really necessary
  • • We will offer you a telephone appointment by a video link
  • • Our staff will triage the case before meeting you
  • • If you have arrived at the Practice, we will telephone you as you wait in the car.
  • • Any clients entering the building should be directed to wash their hands
  • • We will continue with puppy vaccinations

Effectively we will now be running an emergency only service and we will maintain our out of hours service. 

We are sure you will understand why we have felt the need to introduce this strict way of working and we look forward to the day when we can welcome you back in the usual way.  We would appreciate it if you would only ring when you believe the call to be essential. Our staff are always there to help but you will understand that they are extremely busy at present.

We wish all our clients well over these testing times. 

Keep safe.


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